Take notes with no hassle

Spend less time looking at the display! Predictive text helps you enter data faster and important information about the patient is displayed at a glance. You can add items and services quickly and easily, effortlessly create estimates and invoices, or share information from the records with the client or other providers.

Intuitive charting

We remember what you type! Minimize data re-entry and reduce the number of keystrokes and clicks during your workday. Typing suggestions help you specify reasons for visits, medications and services quickly and easily.


Do more faster 

Add protocols, commonly used combinations of items and procedures, to records with a single click and quickly adapt values for the particular patient. Make it easier to add neutering, puppy checks or annual examinations to the patient's record.

Custom medical notes and forms


It's easy and simple to get custom notes and medical forms based on your specifications. We can build medical forms for you or introduce you to the user-friendly interface that lets you build your own templates.


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