All your patient's data at a glance

The patient’s history timeline is the central place for storing all records: SOAP notes, lab results, images, documents and more.

See the most important data at a glance, open notes for more details or use our search feature to find exactly what you need. 




Safe, easy to use and customizable cloud-based Electronic Health Records built using most advanced IT health care technologies are the backbone of VetCloud.

Everything a modern practice needs

From the Patient's timeline you can easily add new notes or create reminders which can be sent automatically at a designated time to clients. You can also generate practice documents such as estimates or discharge notes either from scratch or using previously created templates.

You can also print or send prescriptions and labels, generate invoices from records, upload files and images, manage refills, wellness plan, insurance, securely and easily share patient's records with other vets and more.


 Quick overview of everything important


The timeline view always shows essential information like the animal and clients name, and if there are any unsettled invoices, species, breed, age, weight. From here you can also access weight table, client's clipboard, invoices. Info also includes current diagnosis, active medications, alerts, allergies and reminders.  


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