Keep track of your inventory and minimise wastage

VetCloud inventory comes in two modes, depending on how you want to manage it: simple and smart. 

Simple Inventory Management

Our Simple Inventory Management module lets you add items and prices quickly, and manage batch numbers, expiration dates, mark-up and other relevant details easily. You can setup your inventory from scratch or upload your existing database for import within minutes, and start using VetCloud.

For ultimate stock control and tracking quantities consider upgrading to Smart Inventory Management.

Smart Stock Control

Not managing inventory well enough hurts your practice and profit margins. VetCloud's Smart Inventory management lets you know in real-time current levels in your inventory. We can also help you save money by identifying key metrics to determine demand, optimal quantities and best reorder points.

Low alerts and reorders

Setup low alert quantities for individual items and VetCloud will warn you when you are running low, and even place the item on the ordering list automatically for you.



Detailed balance log

Overview of all movements - in and out from inventory.


Place orders direct from VetCloud, while integration with most major suppliers means it’s easy to update pricing, tiering and batch numbers where needed.

Batches and expiry dates

When an Item is added into inventory it can be given a batch (or a lot) number. Overview of quantity and expiration dates by batch number is available.



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