Integrated cloud-based calendar

Our integrated cloud-based calendar and the Whiteboard are a central hub for current activities in your practice, no matter if you are a single user or a part of the larger organization.

See who is here for the next appointment, how long people are waiting after arrival and how long they are in consult, what rooms are occupied and when. Directly from the whiteboard you can jump to the patient's EHR, calendar, invoices or client’s clipboard.

Each user can be configured to see only relevant information on the whiteboard. For instance, vets can choose to see just what affects their patients, whereas, receptionists can see everyone’s info.

Our calendar is designed to help you book faster:

  • Add new clients and patients directly from the “create appointment” screen
  • Jump straight to patient or client's information
  • Configure calendar view and rules to suit your needs
  • Cloud-based calendar that integrated work schedules, facility calendars and more
  • Online booking possible over patient's portal or your website
  • Know instantaneously if a vet or a nurse is available at any given time

Never miss a thing in the practice

Quick whiteboard gives you an overview of upcoming events and tasks. No matter what screen is currently open you can always access the quick whiteboard from our sidebar and see what's upcoming

Seamlessly perform various tasks directly from there or expand for more details.

It's like having a calendar-based and task management smartphone app but also on your computer.


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